compounds in a plateOur initial offering is a set of 480 SmartCompound drugs which have regulatory approval for human use and have been selected for their diverse pharmacological properties and their scarcity. We intend to expand our offering by 2015 to provide a collection of approximately 3,600 compounds that have been approved or grandfathered by regulatory authorities.

The SmartCompounds collection comes in high purity (90% to 98% or greater) in both standardized and customized formats:

Format 1:

  • 96-well plates, with 60 compounds per plate
  • 10┬ÁM in DMSO at volumes of 50, 100, and 500μL
  • With guaranteed purity of 90-95%
  • Available by plate and 8-plate collection
  • Designed for exploratory screening, lead optimization and secondary characterization of novel activity

Format 2:

  • Vials custom-filled with 10 to 200 mg of compounds
  • With guaranteed purity of 95-98%
  • Intended for specialized follow up assays and in-vivo efficacy studies in animal models.

Compounds will ship with a certificate of analysis.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and explore how you can best procure and try Kailash's SmartCompounds Library.

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